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Wolfactory welcomes submissions from UK, Europe, and International artists, makers, designers, and curators.

Submissions could include works images with details, art proposals, written works for our blog and social media platforms, or any other content judged adequate for our website.

Submissions may appear on our website, social media spaces or both.

All submissions are carefully reviewed, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the inclusion of all submissions.

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We highly believe in the power of cultural and artistic exchange, combined skills or any dialogue which could potentially culminate in a collaborative project or an exhibition.

We would be happy to discuss any idea or proposal that you might have. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions, write to



If you’re interested in our platform and mission, your support can help us explore it further and create opportunities for local talent.

We’d be very proud to feature your name or company logo as our investor, but we’d also understand if you’d like your contribution to stay anonymous.

For further discussion about becoming a Wolfactory Patron, contact us on